What our patients are saying about us!

“I can say quite honestly that my consultation with Dr. Baxter was one of the most pleasant and positive interviews I have ever had with any doctor, and especially any periodontist. I was very frightened of what I was going to be told; and I was calmed down immediately by her manner, her expertise and her diagnosis. Her staff is friendly and efficient as well. 

My husband was with me, and he had many questions about my prognosis. The doctor answered them all. He, as well as I, was very impressed!” -Mrs. B.

“First off, I am sharing my experiences because if you knew me, I am quite a talker and rarely meet a stranger. When you walk in their office it is not the typical dental type office. You feel like you are at a friend’s house with the exception of dental equipment. My sisters and myself have had a lot of dental problems over the years. So, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to have this done. My experience was quite different than that of my sister, she used another periodontist. Dr. Baxter and her staff patiently answered all my many questions (I had a list). My husband had gone with me because I am hearing impaired, I have two hearing aids. Therefore, I don’t always hear what is said correctly. So, he went as the other set of ears. I think my appointment was on a Thursday to start the implant because I was afraid, I would not be able to work the following day. I went home and did what Dr. Baxter told me to do and I worked on Friday! My sister was shocked that I had such little pain and such a good experience.

We highly recommend Dr. Baxter and her team if you need any periodontal care. Dr. Baxter’s number and address is on my phone and she is one of those that I am sure to recommend! My husband has recommended her to some of his insurance clients also. Dr. Baxter is a very kind and caring doctor. You can’t go wrong contacting Dr. Baxter’s office. If I needed another implant, this is where I would go! I drive from Greenville to Spartanburg to see such a great periodontist.” -N.B.

“Dr. Baxter and her staff provide exceptional professional and compassionate dental care. After retiring from the Air Force and Civil Service December 2017, I returned to Spartanburg, SC and was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Baxter for continued periodontal care. She answered all my questions, more importantly, she provided gentle cleanings and any other care needed. I highly recommend Dr. Baxter and her staff.” -S.F.

“I was very satisfied with the care and treatment provided to me by Carolina Periodontics. This process was not one that I was very excited about and the care and concern by the doctor and staff made what might have been an unpleasant and unwanted experience one that was not so bad. Despite the fact that I would not want to go through this again, the staff was compassionate and professional and provided education and training for me to try to avoid this issue again. I appreciate their care. Thank you.” -L.D. 

“Thank you Dr. Baxter and staff. I had such a wonderful experience in your office. I was referred to you by my neighbor and I’m so glad he told me about you. You were sweet, compassionate and so friendly and accommodating. You worked around my travel schedule and provided incredible care in doing my implant. Thank you for making a rough situation not so bad!!! Y’all were such a blessing and I highly recommend you for any dental needs. Blessings!!!!” -L.A.

“My first meeting with Dr. Baxter, I felt comfortable, very ensuring for success. She knows her ‘stuff’! Very knowledgeable. Her office screams “WELCOME”. Great staff!

Keeping this short, I’ll share with you what really made me say Dr. Baxter is a top notch, incredible human being: when she called to check on me after surgery. It cost Dr. Baxter nothing but time, but for me, that call was priceless! Thank you for everything, Dr. Baxter.” 

-Your Favorite Patient! -B.R.

“When I moved to Spartanburg one of my concerns was finding a new periodontist. As soon as I met Dr. Baxter I knew I had found the best place. She and her staff are all extremely friendly. All of my experiences there have been great.” -B.T.

“I came into CP&DI in excruciating pain after being referred by my dentist. I was desperate for treatment and relief, but also very nervous. Dr. Baxter calmed me, explained my options, and did not pressure me in any way. She was very gentle, very observant of my reactions and any indication of distress or pain. She even called me over the weekend to be sure I was okay. That is above and beyond! I highly recommend Dr. Baxter and her awesome staff! They are a 10 out of 10!” -C.B.

“Dr. Baxter took out five teeth, did bone graft and implants. She did a perfect job, no bleeding or pain. Not even soreness. I would refer her to anyone. She is a 1st class doctor and her staff is great. I can smile and eat good now, thanks to her and my prosthodontist. I will be forever grateful.” -K.Q.

“Very thorough evaluation for the first visit. She spends the time to explain (thoroughly) the recommended procedures. Answers questions clearly and makes sure you understand the prognosis.” -A. 

“I first consulted with Dr. Baxter in September 2018, as a referral from my dentist. I’ve had a lot of bone loss, due to chain smoking in my 20’s, depression and anxiety, and other factors which led to poor oral health at that time. Being diagnosed with periodontal disease was absolutely terrifying; however, Dr. Baxter, and her amazing team, provided a very comforting environment. She walked me through my current treatment plan and we discussed future options (implants, etc.) for when that time arrives. Most importantly, Dr. Baxter was not judgmental and listened to my story of how I got to this point. While it is challenging to live with this disease, dental professionals, like Dr. Baxter, make it a little easier to deal with these issues and ease the anxiety of seeing a periodontist/dentist. Since consulting with Dr. Baxter, and maintaining my oral treatment plan, I’ve had very little issues and my mouth feels amazing. If you are facing similar oral issues, I highly recommend Dr. Baxter and her excellent team of professionals!” -J.P.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Baxter! She explains everything so it’s easy to understand and made me feel comfortable throughout my whole experience there. My expectations were exceeded and I would highly recommend Dr. Baxter to anyone in need of her services!

Dr. Baxter and her staff are awesome! She took her time explaining everything and went above and beyond for our daughter and our family.” -N.